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Dear S.O.D.A. Families,

We cannot thank you enough for all the support and kind messages we have received over the last couple weeks. This is such a stressful time for everyone, and we feel really grateful to have such a wonderful dance family. We miss you very much! <3

As most of you probably know by now, New Hampshire has enforced a “Stay At Home” order until May 4th. We are hoping to return to classes on May 4th, but we will not have an actual re-open date until the end of April or beginning of May. We will keep everyone updated with weekly emails. Over the next few weeks teachers will continue to provide live & pre-recorded classes and/or workouts for students. Thank you so much for being patient as we try to navigate the world of online technology! If you have not received any videos yet, I promise you will!

Many of you have asked about recital. With the new “Stay At Home” orders we will not be ready for our May recital dates. A couple of weeks ago I booked the last weekend in June (Friday, June 26th, Saturday, June 27th, & Sunday, June 28th) as a back up. If we are able to start back up on May 4th, these will be our new recital dates. We know it will be a lot of work to finish dances and have them ready to perform, but we know we can all work through this and get it done.

If you are a dance company or dance team member, the Groove competition is still up in the air. It will not run the weekend of May 1st - 3rd, however, they may re-schedule. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I have more information.

Accounts will not be charged for tuition while the studio is closed. We realize we still have 2 weeks of classes to make up in March as well. We are hoping we can start back up on May 4th, and will pro-rate everyone’s tuition for the missed classes in March. In the meantime, please enjoy the videos, live classes, and keep sharing your dance videos and pictures on social media. We LOVE to see you dancing!

Stay safe & healthy,

Kim & Dan

FITNESS PASS HOLDERS: Please email me directly if your fitness pass is about to expire. I will extend any pass that is about to expire.